Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Day in the life of a male model

Pursuing a career as a male model can seem like you’re chasing the ideal job; however do you really know what is expected in the day to day life of a male model today? It’s not all parties and pictures and there are some aspects of the male modelling industry that can be a little hard to swallow.

Your Employer
For any male model to receive regular work, you must be signed up to an agency. The agency will put you forward for casting auditions however they cannot guarantee you work. A good agency will promote you as best they can and will make sure you receive plenty of opportunities however your success ultimately lies with you and how well you perform in front of the different clients.
Your Day
Your Day will most probably start at your agencies headquarters where you will be given a rundown of the various jobs assigned to you. These can include up to ten auditions in twelve hours or fittings and shoots for jobs already in progress. You must be willing to be on the go all day travelling from location to location, and as some casting agencies will make you wait patience is definitely a virtue.
Your Ego
Most male models claim that they only win 25% of the casting jobs they apply for. Each client is different and looking for something specific so a thick skin is a must if you are to succeed. The industry is so fast paced and on the button that potential clients don’t waste time with their insults, telling you anything from your nose is too big, to your poor attitude or small eyes as reasons why they won’t hire you.
If you are easily offended, male modelling may not be for you, the best models have learned to accept the criticism and not take it personally otherwise it affects their performance.
Your Outlook
This makes having an optimistic outlook essential for succeeding in the modelling industry as although some days it may feel as though every client finds fault with your looks, the next day you may be offered a location shoot in the Bahamas. As with any high profile career there are negatives to consider, and a good positive mental attitude will ensure you’re not affected by negative feedback.
Your Commitment
Although it will feel as though you work as a freelancer, ultimately your agency is your employer. They have the ability to make or break you in the business and if word gets out that you’re not reliable or committed you will find it impossible to gain the work you need. Staying focused whilst remembering that the agency is essentially your boss will ensure that your always deliver a good attitude to work no matter how laid back the agency initially seems. You must be on time for auditions and meetings, even if you know you will be kept waiting for hours, as competition is fierce and laziness gives clients a reason to reduce their workload by scratching you off their list of potentials.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Masturbation The truth and the lies

The Lord God of Heaven runs this world like a kindergarten sometimes. He randomly hands out assignments based on his assessment of your ability but you cannot continue until you learn something. You will complain time and again, “Please, take this suffering away from me.” But each time, he answers with another question, “What have you learnt?”
It is a terrible situation because most of the time all that we want from him is that he leaves us alone. We do not want lessons and trials. We just want to be left alone to live out our lives.
But God does not see it that way. The Bible tells us that this life is only a rehearsal of the next. We are in here to prepare for eternity. Therefore the time we spend here in suffering is nothing compared to the length of eternity. In a sense, He has a point. But the Bible has two sides to it. It tells you how to get to heaven and on the other hand, it tells you how to live in prosperity here on this planet.
The Bible is much more than a teaching about a journey to heaven. It is also about abundant living. Every lesson you can ever learn, has its roots in the Bible. I suppose that this is why the philosopher says, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”
Back to my point: Life has many lessons; you just have to turn every stumbling block into a stepping stone.
Masturbation is the act of giving yourself sexual pleasure to the point of orgasm without intercourse with a partner. Masturbation takes many forms. The most common ones are the use of fingering or dildos for women and hand jobs for men.
I have always thought that marriage is the best weapon against masturbation. They say that to understand the past and plan for the future, then we have to study the past. In biblical times, men would marry around the age of twenty and study under the watch of a male relative until the age of thirty. The people of the past understood the urgency of desire and the solution against sexual perversions. In our African cultures, marriages happened when a person became a teenager and began to “bloom”.
I have found that the trick to getting the most out of yourself is to listen to your body. Some things were not made to be ignored. Between the ages of sixteen and 25 a man wrestles with sexual urges and most of the time he looses battle after battle. He is at the peak of his sexual power. If it is possible, I prescribe marriage. If a woman is not available to quench these desires, then the man is most likely going to find an alternative outlet for his passions.
Fighting the body is an activity in futility. For instance, a man wakes up very morning with a hard erection and an unmanageable sexual appetite. How do you expect him to do anything when the sight of his manhood fills his mind with only one consuming thought- sex!
But today’s society is too materialistic and too greedy to care about marriage. Wealth is of greater priority.  I have always said that the best things in life are simple. We need to appreciate what we already have and maximize that before we can desire what other people have. Many people do not understand the tenth commandment, “Do not covet your neighbour’s property.” But it is really simple: The more you get, the more you want. The more you acquire, the less satisfied you become.
You only need to satisfy primal needs to be content. Have you ever noticed how irritable you can become without food in your belly? It is the same with sex. Marriage is important because it gives legitimacy to this act of sex. Besides, you avoid the inconveniences which follow, pregnancy outside of marriage. This ancient tradition should not be despised.
That said, you cannot always get the right partner for marriage. You may lack finances or you may have a calling that keeps you from getting married. So what do you do to overcome the temptation of masturbation?
What you do not know does not hurt you
Sight is man’s kryptonite. Unlike other things which can be avoided, you cannot decide not to use you eye sight. But you can decide not to look in a certain direction. When the image of a naked woman pops up on your screen, do not click on it. In fact . . . leave the page all together.
When you find a book on sexual positions on a shelf of a library or in a books store, let it be.  I always insist that there is a time for everything. Wait until you are married or about to be married before you read these things with sexual content. There is no point to be in hurry to know everything. After all, like Solomon once wrote, “There is a time for everything.”
Borrow a leaf from alcoholism; to avoid falling into the abyss of alcoholism and debauchery, don’t touch the bottle. Avoid the vanity which leads you to believe that you can succeed where billions before you have failed, generation after generation. Perhaps you can make it through unscathed, but why should you take the risk in the first place? It is foolish.
A wise person once said that the best fights are the ones we avoid. Some roads are so dangerous that just avoiding them is a victory. I have read about people who got married hoping that marriage would solve their problems with masturbation. These people have failed miserably.
A habit developed over a period of say, five years cannot be overcome by sex a couple of times a month. Experts say that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. That is long time. So how much longer would it take to loose this habit? Habits easily evolve into cultures. Changing a custom is much harder than changing a light bulb. A little common sense goes a long way. The truth is that the pleasure of masturbation is nothing compared to the pain of quitting. Therefore, avoid pornographic movies, suggestive photos, lurid websites and flirtatious women.

The art of thought
If we have no control over our thoughts, then how different are we from fools?
The human brain is a wonderful playground. It has got swings and bouncing castles. It is a shame to forego its pleasure.
The brain of a wise person operates in a disciplined sequence. In many ways, it is like a bottling plant. Everything is put in at the right time. Chaos is alien here. Yet the danger of power failures and machine breakdown is always there. The wise person knows not to depend wholly on the brain because it is but a processor, it must be constantly fed with the fodder of information by which it survives and it must be regularly cleaned and serviced.
But the mind is a fickle master. Its motto is ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ It’s always hungry for information. However it quickly enslaves the clueless owner. It falls in love with the smoothest tidbits. There is space reserved exclusively for everything taboo. One whiff is enough, a mere brushing on the knuckles. Love on the first encounter!
Master Brain nudges and budges, sulks and nags, seduces and threatens until his master agrees to organize a second meeting. Unbeknownst to the well meaning owner, the shackles of slavery have just been locked in. The journey from reverence to mediocrity is gradual, as gradual as the death of the terminally ill. In the beginning, the compromise is a one off thing, mundane-unworthy of too much attention. What follows is start-stop purgatory where habit metamorphoses into addiction. In a while, the feeling that something has changed creeps in. It is whisked away, excused as “just one of those feelings…”
By the time one realizes that they can no longer defend their principles or stand the judgment of others, the fall from grace is long complete. Depression, the polite demon warms his way in. He comes together his good friends, self hate and self pity. They are the terrible trio from the darkness of one’s heart. “Remember the good old days…” His favourite pastime is invoking nostalgia. The ultimate sadist, he enjoys seeing his host battle with history. He is smooth too! Watching him at work, you would think that there is no tomorrow, just a regurgitation of today.
All this time, master brain is cooling his temper in a dark movie theater. He has long grown weary of the same old thing. Many times he has been called to replay the same boring film; boring to him that is. His owner seems to enjoy it though. Who cares what good old brain wants, right? He is overworked and underfed. So he’s decided to go on a soft strike. Until he is properly fed, he will avoid the reflection part of his job. He will let the ‘owner’ explore the forest of confusion a little while longer. That will teach him not to ignore him. In fact, who does that?
Perhaps if the owner had been kinder, he would have explained to him, that to kick an addiction, one has to develop a new one? Fire after all, is the best firefighter in a bush fire.
Maybe if the stingy owner was a little forthcoming with new literature, then he would have recycled a couple of motivational quotes to keep him in the straight and narrow path. Poor fellow, he just lies there in a pool of his own mistakes wishing that he and them had never crossed paths.  

 When they said that an empty mind is the devil’s workshop, they knew what they were talking about.
If you just seat on your front porch and do nothing else other than watching the passers-by, it will not be long before the graceful movements of the women become gyrations in your mind. The mind is a fickle ally. The mind is bombarded with numerous thoughts all day. If you want it to avoid certain thoughts, it is up to you. The answer to some thought is more thought. The mind works like the press, if you do not give it information to process, it will make up its own thoughts.
A distraction is always good. A job that satisfies you can make an excellent distraction. So can the hustle and bustle of marred life. Educate your mind without ceasing. Then you will be too busy for useless actions. Read and read even more.